Charitable works

The Order of innocence was founded in 1765 in the spirit of liberal currents. Today, the Orden has two goals: to conduct charitable activities and to gather members of the Day of Solemnity with the Great Reception at the celebration of the Orders day, the Day of Solemnity.

The members of the Order gave guidelines to the General Conclave, the Board of Governors, in the autumn of 2016, which helped us map organizations, associations or actors who share our member-march values and wishes for the Word's charity.

In May 2017, the Order of Innocence has decided to choose two charity projects to engage in for a number of years to come - children, young people and seniors in socio-economically vulnerable situations.

Being able to offer opportunities for children, young people and seniors who do not have financial resources, to participate in different activities, which in turn increase social cohesion / network, reduce risks, among others. A for mental illness or exclusion in our local society (Sweden) is highly prioritized by members of the Order. In addition, it is important for the Order to cooperate with actors where we can measure concrete results, which have economic transparency and traceability, and which have a strong interest in developing successful collaboration with the Order of Innocence.

In 2017, the Order of Innocence has, in a first step, distributed 60,000 kronor to the Scouts and 10,000 kronor to Elderconnections.
The order has limited resources but welcomes our members' ability to strengthen these resources for charity in the coming years. Both the Scouts and Elderconnections meet the criteria that the members of the Order of Innocence gave us for our charity work. 

BACKGROUND TO THE ORDER'S DECISION / SCOUTES: Scouterna1The Scouts give over 68,000 children and young people from all parts of society the chance to experience adventures together and grow as individuals with our 1100 scout crimes throughout Sweden. Sweden faces major challenges and several of them are urgent to resolve. Children and young people are all worse and thousands of new arrivals will find a place and security in a new home country. The Scouts actively work for integration and diversity, in order for all leisure activities to be safe, free of abuse and abuse, and to develop children's and young people's leadership. Every day, every day, our leaders meet children and young people at scout meetings, camps and sharks, all children and young people are welcome to be part of the community. For those who do not have financial opportunities, there is money to apply for the Scouts Support Fund for membership fees and equipment. On the other hand, there is a great need to find funding for scholarships for children without financial opportunities who want to participate in camps and camps, as our goal is for all children who want to be part of what Scouterna offers. www.scouterna.se


BACKGROUND TO THE ORDER'S DECISION / ELDERLYCONNECTIONS:Äldrekontakt1 Olderkontakt has more than 360 guests who are helped by more than 500 volunteers in Greater Stockholm, Gothenburg and surrounding areas, Malmö, Uppsala, Västerås, Eskilstuna and Borås. By supporting our work with the existing groups as well as our growth work, you are helping more and more elderly people out of the loneliness. The members of the organization may in future (2018-) sign up as volunteer candidates and those who are in charge of the Elderconnections mission will be given the opportunity to participate in the activities themselves. Elderlyconnections grows with around 10-15 groups of friends annually and works to establish us in new places. Elder contact's two guests tell - Irma's story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXVSy2qfVow and Eve's story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7awtOxLArj8.  www.aldrekontakt.se

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